Wedding Reception Planning: 10 Tips for a Grand Reception

Wedding reception planning is really a tough work but an intelligent placing of strategies can make your task easy. Nowadays, there are many marriage consultants available, who can assist you wonderfully in better planning your wedding reception. Nevertheless, following the below given tips will make your reception a grand occasion. It doesn’t really matter if you are receiving some help from a professional wedding planner or not.

wedding reception planning

1. An advanced planning

Checkout for different venues and do a comprehensive research on them whether they are apt for the event or not. A better research will give you a better idea of your requirements. However, there may be thousands of venues in your city but your requirement is a suitable place, which is best in accordance with every constraint you have decided. You must make it sure that the venue is easily accessible, well decorated and will offer a glee to the guests. You should take heed to the pricing and menus being served as well. For a better deal, you can check out the Internet. It will not only let you enjoy the best services but will also offer a memorable experience because everyone knows that your marriage is a very special occasion. For detailed information, you may ask some help from the people around you. Your close friends can also do the trick.

2. Decide upon your budget

A check on your budget is equally important, although most of the wedding ceremonies go out of the planned budget. It is often a scary topic to talk about but you must not ignore this very important detail. It assists you wonderfully in selecting your most appropriate requirements within a certain range. You can opt for the best possible menu and package within the price range that your budget can handle.

3. A generous invitation

Preparing the guest list is not really a challenging task to sum-up. To make it a comfortable deal, you and your spouse should agree on the names of your guests. To work within the budget, both of you should trim down the list smartly. A preparation for a special guest list should be special indeed to make it a memory that lasts a lifetime. This is the day of social declaration of your love and commitment to your future spouse; hence, it should be witnessed by everyone you love. The reception euphoria created by clinks of glass and blessing buzz is going to be an eternal memory for you, so better make it a cherished day for you as well as your guests.

4. Alter the venue into a fairy land

Embellish, adorn and decorate the wedding venue. A perfect decoration is important to feel special and set the mood during the event. You should go for an elegant decoration but it does not symbolize an expensive adornment. There are numerous ideas, which can alter your expensive decoration into a budget yet classy embellishment. You can use beautiful silk flowers instead of original flowers. Blend your creativity with available decorating stuffs and alter the venue into a fairyland as your fairytale is about to start.

5. A treating experience

You better stick to your budget-wedding plan as well as looking for a perfect service. Nevertheless, you would have to compromise over certain topics but you can use your creativity to make it a rewarding experience. You can employ some of your ideas in opting for a suitable menu like if the selection of a NY strip steak would be preferable over Filet Mignon. Go for a Beer and Wine bar instead of Open Premium Bars. Organize a striking passed hors d’oeurves for cocktails instead of arranging the jumbo shrimp cocktail. These compromises would not snatch the fun; instead, they will make the experience more treating by tailoring the event well into planned budget.

6. Enjoy the day with optimum enthusiasm

This is your day and one of the most special moments in your life. You must enjoy the day with the epitome of glee. Savor the temptations of the day in your style and go for a selection, which is uniquely yours. Though it is important to please your guests, you should never put your comfort on the backbench. You and your partner are the stars of the day. Do not let anyone grab your million-dollar smile away from you.

7. Incorporation of special activities

A normal reception can cause a bit of boredom for most guests; hence, you must plan ahead for some special activities during the event. This will be effective not only for your guests but also for you. Fun dance, bold dialogues and interactive games can be incorporated in these activities and the newly wed’s indulgence in it will increase the fun multiple times.

8. Cooperate with your wedding planner, if you’ve one

Though it is usually a wedding planner’s headache to organize the function in the best way possible, you must cooperate with him or her. You should be clear about your budget and other requirements. A wedding planner knows everything about perfect planning but he or she requires some resources to accomplish the work. You must provide all these resources to the planner to make him or her comfortable to work impeccably.

9. Be organized

The day of your reception is a big day for you and your partner as well as your family members. Excitement is obvious on such an auspicious occasion but you must be organized to wrap up the function in a jolly way. Organization is taken as the key to success in wedding planning. Be cool and enjoy the sumptuousness of one of the most important moments of your life.

10. Send an early invitation

This is the last tip but definitely not the least. You want your well-wishers to witness the declaration of your commitment to your life-partner. To make it possible, you must send an early announcement of reception to your guests, as time management is among the toughest tasks in the present scenario. You can invite them via email, phone or by sending an SMS. These are fast and more reliable and can later be followed by formal invitations.

The ‘I do’ moment is very special but in order for you and your partner to say it in a fabulous way, you must plan your wedding beautifully and carefully. Indeed, a wedding planner can greatly help make your wedding a treasured experience. But incorporating these few tips yourself can turn the entire occasion into an exceptional ceremony of love.

Just take note not to overshadow the fun while assisting your wedding planner and suggesting these tips.

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