Top 10 Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

top web hosting affiliate programs

If you’d like to make extra money online, you should consider looking at web hosting affiliate programs. As part of an affiliate program, you have the chance to make money each time a visitor purchases the services you endorsed. Knowledgeable webmasters can make plenty of money introducing users to great hosting! Let’s look at the top 10 Web hosting affiliates that have made an impact.

5 Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

1. HostGator

HostGator is one of the oldest Web hosts out there. It provides everything from shared hosting to VPS to dedicated server configurations. That being the case, it’s no surprise it also has one of the most trusted affiliate programs in the industry. It is easy, straightforward and one of the best in terms of the money you could make.

One of the most compelling aspects of HostGator’s affiliate programs is how the amount paid to webmasters grows so quickly. For example, if you achieve anywhere from one to five new customer sign-ups a month, you get $50 for each. This rises to $75 after six sign-ups and $100 as you build up more customers, reaching a total of $125 per sign-up.

2. Media Temple

Media Temple’s affiliate program is great for appealing to webmasters interested in the WordPress platform. Media Temple’s hosting prices are a bit more expensive than average, but the amount the company offers is correspondingly high. It can be harder to start out here than with HostGator, but it’s worth it.

Media Temple payments start at $80 for all sales of the “Grid” or “WordPress Hosting” plans. The amounts rise slowly — ten dollars for each “bracket” — to a total of $110 per sale for three dozen sales or more per month. The most you can make on an individual sale is an impressive $230 for managed hosting!

3. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is a great selection because it comes with selling points that really outpace the competition. For example, A2 Hosting was among the first companies to implement SSD hard drives throughout its network. The company’s hosted sites also tend to load faster than similar sites from competing firms.

A2 Hosting doesn’t build up to the kind of amazing earning potential of Media Temple, but the program is straightforward and has solid rewards for each sale. A2’s rate provides $85 for each sale and gives you $5 for “second tier” sales from webmasters you’ve recruited. Affiliates get access to a sophisticated control panel that can help raise conversion rates.

4. Interserver

Interserver appeals most to potential customers who are seeking quality VPS service. That can make it a bit more challenging than choosing affiliate programs that appeal to shared hosting users, but it is worth it. Interserver is known far and wide for its excellent customer service, which naturally draws in prospective customers and helps you close the deal.

Interserver offers excellent earning potential, with each sale netting you an outstanding $100. In addition to some great banners and other tools, Interserver also provides a high degree of affiliate support. That includes access to a personal affiliate assistant who can provide you with great insights on how to achieve more sales.

5. GoDaddy

GoDaddy claims to be the world’s largest domain registrar. Not surprisingly, its affiliate program is one of the most popular, too! Conversion rates are much higher with GoDaddy than with some other companies, because the average prospective customer is already familiar with the brand. After all, it has commercials and has even been featured during the Super Bowl.

GoDaddy’s affiliate program operates on a percentage-based model, with the average sale garnering 40 percent commission for affiliates. GoDaddy prices are lower than many competitors, so this might not add up at first — but it’s easier to build up a base of several sales per month. Note, however, that not all GoDaddy products qualify for affiliate rewards.

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6. GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks has paid out more than two million dollars to its affiliates, making it one of the biggest programs around. Referral earnings are provided at a flat rate of $50 to $100 per sale, depending on total monthly sales. The first sale is worth $50, the second $60 and so on throughout the month, so your earning power will grow very quickly.

7. FatCow

FatCow is a “dark horse” option in the affiliate world, but someone with a little experience can get a great deal of leverage out of it. For example, you can get payments of up to $25 every time a user purchases the $9 “Cheap Sheep” plan — that’s some profit margin! FatCow also offers dedicated hosting, which can provide you with up to $150 per sale.

8. MyHosting

MyHosting starts slowly, but if you are going to do a large volume of business, you can make a staggering amount: Up to $150 per sale for those who generate 130 orders or more each month. Detailed referral monitoring helps you to get timely information about your conversions and payments. Plus, you also get personalized affiliate help.

9. serverpronto

If you are looking for heavy-hitting earning potential, it’s a good idea to go with a company that focuses on dedicated servers. ServerPronto provides you with as much as 150 percent of the value of each referral sale you deliver. Bonuses and incentives are available to those who persevere and become VIP affiliates. Note that a Commission Junction account is required.

10. HostingSource

With HostingSource, you can earn up to $125 for each sale. This program is especially attractive because it uses a cookie that stays active for a full year — allowing you to earn money from users who take a long time to finally commit to a hosting deal. The company claims to have the highest affiliate conversion rates in the Web hosting industry.

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