Swivel Sweeper G2 Review: Cordless Vacuum Cleaner as Seen on TV

Next elections, don’t forget to cast your vote for Cordless Swivel Sweeper G2. Unlike most political parties out there, it lives up to its promises! Earning my livelihood from writing and blogging, sure enough I am lucky to live my life from the comfort of my home. But having to rear a family, a lot of the work involved in running our household, falls to me. You better believe I’m grateful for the Swivel Sweeper G2, which turns one of the most tedious and frustrating chores into an everyday routine it’s an absolute pleasure to carry out.

Swivel sweeper avoids all the inconvenience of a traditional vacuum

Admit it, aren’t you sick of those heavy vacuums, with those endless cords that you have to unravel and wind up at the beginning and end of the work? And during the cleaning, they always keep getting caught on themselves and on furniture – isn’t that annoying? Aren’t you tired of having to move around furniture pieces to clean around and beneath them? And then lift the thing up and down stairs?

I hated all of that. And as a result I would often put off routine vacuuming as long as I could. But I felt guilty about not keeping the house spotless – I’m kind of a neat freak. So when I saw the Cordless Swivel Sweeper G2 demonstrated on TV, I decided that it was worth it to give it a try. I admit I was a little skeptical – could something that small and lightweight, and inexpensive, really be as effective as it seemed? But it didn’t take long for me to become convinced.

The Swivel Sweeper G2 is made smart

The cordless, lightweight (only two pounds, if you can believe it) Swivel Sweeper moves on a set of four circular sliders rather than wheels. These sliders spin and grab the dirt in a 360 degree swivel, sucking it all up into the machine for easy disposal later on.

swivel-sweeper-vacuum-cleanerThe machine is lightweight and glides on a dime, sliding along cabinets and baseboards to pick up every bit of debris along the way. The handle is long enough that you won’t have to do any awkward, back breaking, neck aching bending. And because all four sliders are working together at the same speed, there’s no unequal distribution of work as it picks up all the junk that’s all around.

After you use the Sweeper once heavily or twice lightly, you simply lift the base off the dirt tray, dump out all the dirt, and snap the base back on. Very soon, you will get a sense of when it’s time to empty the device.

Your fingers never come into contact with the contents of the dirt tray. Two thumb tabs make sure of that. Disposal couldn’t be faster, tidier, or simpler!

Swivel Sweeper is especially amazing in the kitchen

The Swivel Sweeper G2 works best on flat surfaces like hardwood and linoleum, and let me tell you, my kitchen is spotless now that I’ve brought this device into the house. Crumbs no longer line the edges of my cabinets (and no longer attract ants and roaches, either) because the Sweeper sails along and picks everything up in one or two passes, much much easier than traditional vacuuming.

And you know how annoying it is, having to move heavy, bulky chairs out of the way to clean under tables? Forget about that! The Swivel Sweeper makes any moving virtually unnecessary, because its design allows you to access every square inch of area down there. What a relief!

I use one of my two Swivel Sweeper G2’s in the kids’ room, hallways, bathroom, entry hallway, and outside on the patio. But the other one is always charging up and on duty in the kitchen, where it’s really “Dad’s Friend.”

It’s not perfect

I have found a few things about the Swivel Sweeper that I’m less than crazy about, things that I believe you’ll need to adjust to as I have. For one thing, it’s frustrating to have to clear the brush heads of excess pet and human hair so often. (Be sure not to lose the cutting tool they provide – it makes the clearing easy but no other knife I’ve found works quite as well.)

While the Swivel Sweeper works just fine through most of the house, I still need to pull out the old heavy vacuum for the thick, heavy rugs in my living room and den. It’s not fantastic on thick carpeting.

The Sweeper is on the noisy side, though no noisier than other conventional vacuum cleaners I’ve used. And I’m not wild about the battery life. You may find that a long charging time starts giving you very little sweeping action, at which point you’ll have to buy a replacement battery. And that can cost almost as much as the device itself (in the neighborhood of $20 if you buy two Sweepers at once).

Still a fantastic value

I mention these things in the interest of full disclosure. But you shouldn’t let them put you off the terrific advantages of this lightweight, versatile, effective and timesaving little machine. For most of your everyday cleaning needs – especially on hardwood floors, kitchen linoleum, and light pile rugs – the Swivel Sweeper will make your life easier than you can possibly imagine.

If you’re like me, the noise you’ll get used to as with any appliance. The hair comes off readily with the enclosed tool, and you’ll come to rely on the Swivel Sweeper so much, you’ll gladly replace the battery as needed.

Besides, it’s so affordable that it’s worth a try. Millions have purchased the Swivel Sweeper because it sounded so great and so inexpensive, and they’ve gone on to be pleased with the purchase. I sure am!

You can buy it on Amazon here

Why not give it a try right now and find out just how easy keeping your house clean can be?

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