Slushy Magic Max Review: Does This Thing Really Work as Seen on TV?

As you might have already guessed, Slushy Magic is used to make slushy for hot, summer days. It is an awesome product for your kids. It is unique in the sense that it can make slushies in a matter of seconds, and that too, without any ice, blender or mess. It’s so easy to use that your child can use it on his own without any help from you. Now, let’s look into the details on how this product works and what features it really offers.

What you get in the Slushy Magic kit

Slushy Magic includes a “Magic Shaker” (aka a specialized cup with a lid), one spoon straw, three specially made cubes and a drink guide. The cubes are meant to be frozen for at least an hour and then put into the drink in the cup. One will then need to shake the drink around for three to five minutes in order to get a slushy drink. The cubes are specialized ice cubes that can be reused time after time. Once the slushy is finished, the cubes should be removed from the cup and put back into the freezer for future use.

Overview of the slushy maker

Many people are wary of purchasing a product that sounds “too good to be true.” However, Slushy Magic does work as advertised. If a person freezes the ice cubes as specified in the instructions and then shakes the drink around, it will turn into a slushy. Furthermore, as is noted on the package, Slushy Magic can successfully create slushies out of nearly any type of beverage.

slushy-magic-maxWhile a blender can also be used to create a slushy, there are several reasons why using Slushy Magic is so much easier than creating home-made slushies with a blender. Blending ice cubes and juice is always messy, whereas Slushy Magic does not create any sort of mess. Another advantage to using Slushy Magic is that any child over the age of six or seven can create a slushy without any sort of help from an adult.

While Slushy Magic gets mostly positive reviews from those who have purchased it, there are some negative comments that have been made about this product. However, it should be noted that most of these comments are due to misunderstandings about how Slushy Magic actually works. For instance, the magic blending cup included in the product has a small hole at the top. This hole is meant to be covered by one’s finger, as noted in the instructions. If the hole is left uncovered, then the liquid will spill and make a mess. It is also important to make sure the ice cubes are frozen properly before attempting to make a slushy with Slushy Magic.

It should also be noted that Slushy Magic does not work with alcoholic beverages. The reason for this is that alcohol has a lower freezing temperature than other beverages. Soda drinks can be turned into slushies; however, there is a high possibility that the drink will overflow and make a mess.

While Slushy Magic blender cups are colorful and child friendly, they can be used by adults as well. Most people are quite busy and do not have the time to get out an ice tray, pour a beverage into the blender, blend up a slushy and then clean up the mess. Slushy Maker takes most of the work out of making a slushy. The only real “work” that one will have to do is shake the cup around and this can even be done while on the phone, checking emails or watching TV.

Healthy drinking habit for your kids

Slushy Magic can also be used to encourage children to drink healthy drinks. Many children will turn up their nose at sugar free lemonade or even 100% all natural juice. However, turning such drinks into a slushy makes them very appealing and helps children to cultivate healthy tastes at an early age. Slushy Magic “blender cups” are cute and child friendly also helps children to enjoy healthy beverages offered by the parents.

The bottomline

While Slushy Magic is not perfect and does have its cons, it is easy to use, completely safe and works as advertised. Slushy Magic enables one to create a slushy out of most any type of beverage. It is simple, easy to use, does not make a mess and most importantly, creates delicious slushies. Children not only enjoy drinking from the “magic blending cup” but can even make their own slushies without a parent’s help.

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