Santoku Knife Review: Cut Like a Chef with This Ultimate Knife Set from Cooking Pleasures

I don’t have a lot of time, technique, or experience, but I do like to give me and my kids a nice meal as often as I can. My cooking requires a lot of care, and my time is limited. Bottom line, I need the best, easiest to use, and most reliable equipment I can get my hands on. That’s the Ultimate Santoku Knife there for you. And now let me tell you what this knife is all about.

“Made in Japan” are the best words you could hear about a knife. Everyone knows that the Japanese make the best knives in the world. They have to. Their cooking depends on precise, intricate slicing and fine chopping of all sorts of ingredients. For that reason, every knife the Japanese have ever made is designed with ALL cooks in mind, from the most impressive restaurant sushi king all the way down to the average Japanese housewife. That tells you that the Ultimate Santoku Knife has the best possible pedigree.

Santoku Knife is everything you want and need in a kitchen knife. To this amateur in the kitchen, the three most important things about a knife are that it has to be super-sharp, reliable (won’t bust easily) and it needs to be easy to handle. On every one of those three criteria, the Ultimate Santoku Knife stacks up beautifully.

It’s so sharp

santoku-knife-cooking-pleasuresThere’s no doubt that the high carbon stainless steel blade lives up to everything they say about it. The first time I used it (to take the crusts off the bread for my youngest’s PB & J sandwich!) I couldn’t believe how even that simple task felt simpler, faster and more efficient, than I could have imagined.

Later jobs involving slicing meats and poultry became a breeze, and my kids love the chopped Cobb salad I can whip up in a hurry. I can honestly say I’ve never found any cutting, slicing, or chopping task that my Ultimate Santoku Knife can’t make better, easier, or faster than ever before.

It’s so durable

I am not exactly sure what “double forged” means: They say it involves a combination of super-high heat and super-tough pressure. Anyway, everything I read tells me that any double forged utensil has the maximum amount of life and strength, and certainly this one hasn’t let me down yet.

The handle is reinforced and solid and resists bacteria and stains. And there are three rivets attaching the handle, one more than most of my other knives have had. You always feel confident with the Ultimate Santoku Knife in your hand.

It’s so easy to use

As for the cutting process itself, I can’t believe how easy it is to chop with the Ultimate Santoku Knife, and how readily the food falls away from the blade. That’s because of the flat blade with the dimples on the side. I must say the blade on the Ultimate Santoku Knifex is unique and different than any other knife I have seen.

The manufacturers boast of the “tang construction,” which basically means the blade runs the entire length of the knife, so it’s much less vulnerable to stress and breakage. And the handle has been ergonomically designed for maximum ease of use.

I am especially impressed that the bolster (the little piece that separates the blade from the handle) is so effective at balancing the knife on its center of gravity, and also at keeping the sharp edge away from my sometimes clumsy fingers. Who would guess that engineers could come up with something as small as that little bolster, and that it would make such a difference?

How can this great Santoku knife be free?

It’s free because the manufacturer hopes you’ll join the Cooking Pleasures Deluxe Forged Cutlery Collection – a sort of “utensil-of-the-month” club that offers a great new item for your consideration every month. Sign on as a member, and you get the Ultimate Santoku Knife as their gift.

Let me say right up front that this is no sneaky scheme. I have recommended it to several friends, and every one of them says they have never had to purchase anything. There’s no minimum purchase agreement like the old book or record clubs.

You get the knife as promised, and then when each month’s new knife is offered, you decide whether you want to try it out for 30 days, purchase it outright, or decline. That’s it!

If you do start buying their knives, you’ll find the same great quality as with the Ultimate Santoku Knife. Everyone is satisfaction guaranteed or money back. And if you stay with the program, they’ll send you a free in-drawer cutlery block for handsomely storing your beautiful new implements.

But I say once again, it never has to come to that. You can enjoy the Ultimate Santoku Knife as their introductory gift, period. You can tell them “That’s it, I am no longer a member, don’t hold my information any longer,” and you STILL get to keep the knife, a $100 value, as your gift.

And they offer even more

Looking over the special offer going on now, I would find it hard to resist. As your first (and if you want, your ONLY) purchase, you can opt to receive their exclusive Paring Knife and Sharpening Steel.

Every cook, even the most occasional or inexperienced one, needs a good paring knife for peeling, coring, and cleaning fruits and vegetables. There are many small, delicate cutting tasks involved in preparing any meal. You can be sure that a paring knife with the features of the Ultimate Santoku Knife will be one you can depend on, probably for a lifetime. The one included in the special offer is a $40 retail value.

And every knife eventually gets dull. That’s why it’s so great that the special offer also includes a $60 value Knife Sharpening Steel. High carbon stainless steel retains its special sharpness because of the carbon molecules at the surface, but it takes a high-quality sharpening stone to ensure that those molecules are continuously brought up to do their work.

The bottom line is, if you pay $14.95 (period; they pay shipping), you get the Ultimate Santoku Knife and the Paring Knife and the Sharpening Steel sent to you. That’s equipment worth, in total, more than $200. Pretty great for $14.95 plus NO additional commitment, don’t you think?

No regrets here!

I love my Ultimate Santoku Knife, but I also am satisfied with some of my other, older knives. So every month I decide whether I’m interested in the utensil they’re offering that month. Some I get, some I don’t, but I’ve never been disappointed.

Like I said, as a cook, I’m no professional. But I feel more like a professional when I hold and use a knife like the ones the real chefs use.The Ultimate Santoku Knife is exactly that. It’s a household knife built to the specifications and quality demanded by the best restaurants.

Order it here on Amazon. You’ll be so glad you did!

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