Regcure Registry Cleaner Review

So, what exactly does RegCure do? Well, the registry in your PC accumulates various entries as you use it. Over time, the registry starts to get a little overloaded and even corrupt. It’s not a perfect system, so errors start to build up. And that’s where registry cleaner software comes in. These registry cleaners will clear up the errors, allowing your Windows Registry to run smoothly.

The Symptoms: Error messages, slow performance, slow internet browsing, program lock-ups, screen freezes, slow Windows start-ups, slow Windows shutdows, sluggish programs, slow loading programs, hardware corruption/errors and other similar annoyances which lead to more serious problems – namely, SYSTEM CRASHES.

RegCure scans your computer’s registry for a number of different problems such as corrupt files, paths and registry key problems. It then corrects the problems it finds, improving your system’s performance. The program has been around for a few years now and is one of the best selling programs online today.


Regcure Features:

  • Repair and clean windows registry
  • Option to manually clean registry
  • Windows registry clean up
  • Monitor progress of scan
  • Schedule cleaning times
  • Ability to back up windows registry
  • Restore windows registry
  • Manage start-up list

Ease of use:

RegCure is usable by anyone with the basic knowledge of installing and running a program. The interface is clean and easy to understand, with big buttons and good organization.The software installs easily.

Errors found and removed:

RegCure’s scan was quick and thorough. In our test it found 1020 errors in the first run and 1026 in the second, which is an excellent consistency for a registry scan. Removal is quick and painless, and you can undo any changes made. We found Regcure to be more responsive to errors than other registry cleaners in the market.


The program has been designed with simplicity in mind.We found that RegCure provided the most useful features without any useless “fluff.” The included features are all you will need for the intended purpose of the program.

Customer service:

The customer service is not lightening fast but all problems are resolved in 24-48 hours. Our research shows that the company has always stood behind their 8 week money back guarantee if Regcure does not improve PC performace.That speaks a lot for the company.


We definitely liked RegCure, and recommend it as the best registry repair solution in the market today.

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