Pocket Chair Review: The Amazing Pocket Chair as Seen on TV

Are you tired of leaning against a wall (or a friend) while you wait to buy concert tickets, or you’re in line to get into an event? You need the Pocket Chair.

Do you find yourself hurrying your kids out of the playground, or off the beach, because you just can’t stay on your feet one more minute? You should have the Pocket Chair.

If you’re camping in the middle of muddy ground… playing a round of golf behind the world’s most slow-moving foursome… or just enjoying a beautiful but benchless garden – don’t you wish you could reach in and pull out a Pocket Chair?

You’ve seen pocket chair on TV

Just because it’s sold on TV, of course, doesn’t mean it’s good. But it does mean you’ve already had a chance to see how versatile the Pocket Chair is, how unique its design is, how practical it is. With that visual in your head – and, we’d bet, already the beginning of a desire to own it yourself – we can go on to turn our attention to the questions you might have. So, here we begin:

Is that just a catchy name, or does it really fit into a pocket?

Both! No, really: At 5” in width, 8” in length, and 3/4″ in thickness, it truly does fit into any number of pockets – those in cargo shorts or cargo pants; or the inner pockets of an overcoat or jacket.

amazing-pocket-chairOf course, we’d be willing to bet that most of the time you’ll be carrying around your Pocket Chair in a backpack, or tote, or handbag, or suitcase, or briefcase, or camping roll, depending (of course) on the particular circumstances in which you find yourself. But yes indeed, you absolutely do own many garments with pockets that will readily take your Pocket Chair.

And it’s a heck of a lot easier to carry around your Pocket Chair than the average fold-up umbrella, that’s for sure! Why mention that? Because I’ve often misplaced umbrellas. I’ve never yet misplaced the Pocket Chair, not once.

Is it flimsy? It looks flimsy.

You kidding? It safely holds up to 250 pounds in weight. (And I have an Uncle Mel who weighs somewhat more than that, and it held him fine.) The fact is that it’s manufactured with high grade, durable materials, geometrically designed to distribute weight evenly and therefore avoid fold-ups and tip-overs. And that’s true no matter what kind of surface the Pocket Chair is placed on.

Stitched nylon canvas is used for the seat. That is definitely material that will stand up to tough use and won’t fade or corrode in the sun, either. And beyond that, it comes with a cover that’s manufactured from a duracord blend, which is every bit as durable as the seat itself.

There’s also a cleverly designed safety lock that gives you still more protection from upending. Believe me, I’ve sat in plenty of lawn chairs and folding chairs that fell apart or folded up embarrassingly, a lot more readily than the amazing new Pocket Chair.

Don’t bounce on it to test it. It’s the Pocket Chair, not the Pocket Trampoline. (Hey, there’s an idea!) But if you sit still and like they say, “use it as designed,” you’ll have no problems whatsoever.

Is it heavy to cart around?

Well, heavy is relative. (You wouldn’t want to cart around my relative, Uncle Mel.) But even though its frame is durable steel, it will add negligible weight to whatever pocket or bag you carry it in.

Is it easy to set up and take down?

That process couldn’t be simpler, thanks to what they call the Dual-Action Counter-Rotational Support System. What that means is, you unfold it, take hold of the hook and loop, and lock them together. That will keep the chair open. It’s equally easy to close and fold up again. If your child can play with Legos, she or he will be able to handle opening and closing the Pocket Chair. For you, it’ll be a breeze.

How many colors does pocket chair come in?

Um… just one… Red! Sorry, that’s it. But you don’t buy an item like the Pocket Chair for looks, or to match your outfit. You buy it for convenience and ease of use. And it will live up to those expectations, for sure!

Ok, I am sold. Where do I buy it from?

Of course, get it from Amazon here.

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