ParetoLogic Privacy Controls Software Review

Simply hitting the Delete button on your keyboard will do you no good if you want to remove private data from your PC’s hard drive. Confidential papers and letters are never put in dustbins. They are instead, put in a shredder or burnt. Similarly pressing Shift+Delete, Clearing history and Deleting temporary files is akin to throwing confidential information in a dustbin in a digital environment.

The reality is the market is full of programs which can instantly make your private data public. This is where “ParetoLogic Privacy Controls” comes in. This software is analogous to a paper shredder. It will remove all traces of the files you wanted to delete.

What is ParetoLogic Privacy Controls?

ParetoLogic Privacy Controls is a state-of-the-art, reliable and effective data shredding program that was created from the ground up to make sure that your deleted data stays deleted. The software utilizes technology that exceeds the U.S. Department of Defense 5220-22M specifications. This specification states that data is considered erased only if it cannot be forensically recovered using highly sophisticated retrieval techniques.


ParetoLogic Privacy Controls can delete all traces of your history and files from internet browsers (IE , Firefox and others ) and a host of different applications such as messengers, P2P applications, media players, Microsoft Office, Email, Desktop Search – you name and Pareto will take care of it.

paretologic-privacy-controlsThe biggest plus of using Privacy Controls is the speed and simplicity it offers. The installation is quick and yields to a software with a clean and professional interface, and numerous categories from where to delete data.

On the above screen click More Info and drill down deeper – All the stuff you had thought you’d safely managed to get rid of is there. Click Remove to remove the trails and then only consider yourself safe!

ParetoLogic Privacy Controls uses 2 levels of deletion. “Scan and Delete” and “Advanced Shred.” Scan and Delete is designed to remove clutter and unwanted files left on your system. It scans your system and supported applications for those unwanted items. Once it detects these items, you can choose to securely delete the files, have them shredded, or save them for future use. To top it, you will automatically receive free updates for application definitions throughout the lifetime of subscription and free product updates. The registered users would also receive assistance from the support team.


An excellent software to ensure that your privacy and confidentiality of your documents/actions remains intact. It is simple, easy to use, quick and very effective. A definite must buy. The software comes with 60-day money back guarantee.

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