No No Hair Removal System Review: Does It Work?

There are many hair removal products out there. Many of them are fast, many are safe and a few are portable too. But most people ignore them all, and make expensive, inconvenient appointments with professionals to get rid of unwanted hair.

Those appointments are at an end, because No No Hair does it all. The product of years of sophisticated design and engineering, this affordable device will remove your unwanted hair quickly and painlessly, and fits easily into pocket, purse or luggage. It’s so simple to use, you can get salon quality results while you work in a hotel room on a business trip or in your living room as you watch TV.

No more smoothings, no more electrolysis or waxing. No more scary laser treatments. No chemicals – no side effects – no worries and no mess. For millions of folks who agonize over their appearance or simply want to look their best, No No Hair is truly the answer to a prayer.

The secret is thermicon technology

Thermal transference – the controlled, managed application of heat – is the secret to hair removal, and that’s what makes the hand-held No No Hair so superior. Heat pulses are targeted to the root of the hair, well inside the skin. The hairs are zapped and their source affected so they won’t grow back, or at least grow back much more slowly. (That’s what satisfied consumers report – slowed or absent regrowth.)

Anyone can use it

no-no-hair-removalSince it’s held in the hand, men and women alike can apply its thermal transference wherever and whenever it’s needed. And you simply check whether the green indicator light is glowing in order to see whether the device is on or off. Your safety is assured.

Men and women of every race, ethnicity, and skin tone can use NO NO HAIR safely and effectively. Teenagers just beginning to shave or worry about unwanted hair can use it as a stopgap product, postponing the moment when the shavers come out.

If you’re allergic to waxes or skin creams, NO NO HAIR is the safest answer whether at home or at a salon. No allergic reactions of any kind have been reported! No matter what hair you’re removing, NO NO HAIR offers professional, salon-standard results quickly, effectively, and affordably.

Proper usage is a snap

Consumers are advised to begin with twice-weekly treatments for the first month. At that point you’ll be able to see whether you can switch to every other week treatments, or even less often than that. A variety of settings allow you to adjust for thickness or lightness of hair growth. The product comes with NO NO SMOOTH cream, a non-allergenic product you lightly spread for best results after usage.

The benefits keep coming

NO NO HAIR uses no chemicals. This means no allergic reactions and no harsh chemical smells. And no mess of lotions and creams! It is quiet. Its gentle, low whirr is discreet and pleasant. It pays for itself quickly. Consider the salon appointments you can cancel, and all the creams and lotions, waxings and other devices you can throw into the trash, never to be used again! You can purchase NO NO HAIR for the price of only three or four typical waxing sessions. What could be better?

You are protected

A 60-Day “Triple Guarantee” ensures that your investment is safe. Use NO NO HAIR for at least 45 days. If you aren’t completely satisfied during that 45- and 60-day window, the company will refund you in three ways:

  • The full purchase price: refunded!
  • The cost of shipping and handling: refunded!
  • The cost of sending NO NO HAIR back to the manufacturer: refunded!

In short, you don’t risk a penny!

Full disclosure: Four additional considerations

There’s some feeling of warmth when you use NO NO HAIR. (Of course there is: it’s based on thermal transference!) But don’t worry, no pain is involved, and using the product properly is easy. There’s no danger of skin burn, and the cream can be applied to remove redness. (Of course, you should never apply the device, or ANY device, to burns, sunburn, sores, or open wounds.)

Burnt hair smells. There’s nothing to be done about that except to light an aromatic candle, but customers do report that later treatments involve less burning and less odor.

Some people have to use NO NO HAIR more often than others – but after the initial month of use you’ll know what is optimum for you. (And no matter how often you need to apply the device, the next application will be as easy and safe as the one before it.)

Where to buy

Like all other hair removal products, you can buy No No hair removal system too on Amazon. Once you see how well it works, you’re going to be so happy that you don’t have to shave everyday and you won’t even think about sending it back. I might even buy a few more for presents for my friends. I just hope our salon doesn’t go out of business from losing all the waxings in the area!

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