Ensure Your Pooch’s Safety with Invisible Fence for Dogs

Wow! I didn’t know something like this exists. You don’t need a short leash, iron bars, or chicken wire cages to keep your rowdy dog in line. The invisible dog fence works even without an actual picket fence, wall, or iron gates to keep your dog from running around without a leash. Don’t let your canine wreak havoc in the lawns of your neighbors and spread its waste everywhere. Invisible dog fence is the perfect solution for your dog disciplining dilemma because it creates a “barrier” around and inside your home that depends mostly on imprinting important habits to your rowdy mutt or purebred.

Most invisible fences can warn your dog beforehand where it’s supposed to go and where not to go via sensors installed around your house as you see fit and a collar that emits vibrations whenever he ends up in the wrong place. The collar won’t actually hurt or electrocute your pet. It only serves as a friendly reminder that it has crossed the line.

invisible-dog-fenceThe vibrations will stop as soon as it’s out of the area it’s not supposed to be in. Like a baby monitor, the fence also alerts you of your pet’s whereabouts at all times. This is particularly useful for those owners who lack a fenced yard. An invisible “barrier” of a fence works not because there’s really some high-tech bubble keeping your dog from going out.

Instead, the whole setup teaches your dog where its boundaries are, such that soon enough, it will learn to stay put by trained habit instead of forcing him to do so with iron bars and walls. You can always put your dog on a leash and actually put him in a cage if you’re that concerned about him wandering about. However, if you want more freedom for your canine, then teaching him his boundaries and limitations via a vibrating collar and constant training definitely helps.

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