Steven Hall’s How to Hypnotize Book Review

Hypnotism – the one word that always fantasized you but you failed to learn it despite your best efforts? Always wanted to lead people into a trance and then get them to do your bidding by a simple click of your fingers? Different books you read, videos and shows you watched but to no avail?

Well in that case try How to hypnotize by Steven Hall.

This book talks about hypnotizing people in seconds, building rapport with strangers fast and easily, the hidden secrets of hypnosis, the use of the power of your subconscious mind and to top it, self hypnotism to transform your own life and dreams.

It’s not just one but a set of books

How to hypnotize is a package which comprises a multitude of things. The package has 7 ebooks, an audio MP3, three sets of video notes in text files and 2 wmv videos.

  • how-to-hypnotizeThe main book in the package is How to hypnotize spanning 43 pages. This book describes the basics of hypnotism and has a host of other information too such as dangers of hypnosis, who can (and cannot) be hypnotized, who you shouldn’t ever hypnotize, hypnosis tests, inductions etc.
  • The next book in the package is Hypnosis Made Simple. This book has information that is required to understand hypnosis, trace states, rapport, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. The book also talks about actual induction process, the vital “pre-talk”, how to deepen the trance state and hypnosis for therapy.
  • Then there is the book Self Hypnosis Revealed. This is more of a book for self improvement having lessons on self confidence, smoking cessation and other ways to improve life for the better.
  • The package has other bonus books such as Hypnosis for Beginners, Advanced Hypnosis Techniques, Hypnotic Inductions, Hypnosis Plain and Simple.

Audio and videos too are included

  • The audio tape in the package is titled Preparation for hypnosis which advises on how to prepare prior to a hypnosis session and also for self hypnotism.
  • The last item in the package is a set of two videos. The first one, The complete hypnotherapy session is a video of a real hypnosis session performed on a client. It is a fascination to watch and comes with written notes. The second video How to do a rapid induction also comes with written notes and is on how to hypnotize a person in a matter of seconds.

Who is Steven Hall and is it safe enough to learn from him?

Normally whenever people start practicing hypnosis, they try their tricks on friends and peers. Thus generally there is a fear if this is safe enough to perform on someone close to you. You will not have these fears once you see Steven Hall’s credentials.

  • Steven Hall is one of the few hypnotists who’s an expert in all areas of hypnotism and trance and promotes the technique. A former professional juggler and DJ, Steven’s hypnotic career started in early 90s. He developed his own style and technique on stage and was entirely self-taught. He performed regularly in the public houses and nightclubs of his home town in Warwickshire, England where his shows provided light hearted family entertainment.
  • Steven was increasingly becoming more pre-occupied with therapeutic trance applications and began a series of experiments to fine tune his skills. He developed experimental hypnotic techniques that produced massive positive changes in his clients’ physical conditions. As his fascination of therapy grew he began to further his studies, earning a diploma in hypnotherapy from the Mesmer Clinic of Hypnosis and going back to college to study psychology.
  • In addition to his hypnotic qualifications, Steven chose to develop his therapeutic skills and earned diplomas in Neuro Linguistic Programming, body language and color therapy. Ever eager to help others, he began to develop his healing abilities with regular meditative practice and became a certified Spiritual healer with the National Federations of Spiritual Healers based in the UK.

You can thus be rest assured that you are learning from a teacher who has mastered the technique and knows how to ensure that you practice this art safely enough.


Overall an excellent book. It provides a wonderful overview into the art of hypnotism. Unlike some of the other books on the subject where you have to read tons and tons of pages before you actually start off, this book gets you off the ground very quick. There are a number of items provided in the complete package depending upon the degree to which you wish to learn.

You can buy the book here

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