Easy Writing Biz: eBook Review

Easy Writing Biz is a guide aimed at making money writing online. The author Christina shows you tricks and tips on how to make money with online freelance writing which has emerged as a lucrative field in the past few years.  As Christina points out in the ebook the opportunities ARE out there, all it takes is WORK. This book is not only about writing articles, it tells you about what you need to write online, who you need to for, and how.

The book consists of 118 pages in Adobe Pdf format.

What’s good?

The ebook contains a lot of interesting resources, tips and tricks. Christina brings forth the point that you do not have to be a Pulitzer winning author to make a good living online. She maintains that if you can write average articles, reviews and blog entries you can make a lot of money.

easy-writing-bizThe ebook covers how to freelance on websites such as Elance and Rentacoder and many other areas related to online freelance writing.Rates for different types of writings are discussed as well as pitfalls to avoid when dealing with clients.

Apart from the guide they also give a manual on how to make money submitting photographs to CameraDollars worth $39.97 free with this guide part from 2 other bonus guides.

What’s bad?

The ebook has some good information in it. However the spacing is large which somehow does not justify the $39.97 price tag. Also the author has put a large list of resources at the end of the ebook which further reduces the actual content size.

Our Recommendation: Makes a good read if you have some cash in the pocket. It also has some good bonuses related to affiliate marketing.

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