5 College Application Tips to Boost Your Chances of Admission

College admission process is getting increasingly competitive and is often fraught with anxiety. Your admission application decides whether or not you get to study in the college of your dreams. With the right approach and direction, you can better your chances of acceptance. Here are some useful tips to help you through the college application process.


1. Research the College

Research and find out everything about the college you are applying for. This will prevent you from mentioning any incorrect facts about the college. It will also help you communicate effectively on how much you adore the college and why you want to attend it. However, be honest and realistic. Be confident of what you are writing and avoid phrases like “I think”, “read it somewhere”, etc. that bring in an element of uncertainty.

​2. Market Yourself

There are a number of students competing with you and the college needs to know why it should choose you over others. Mention what makes you unique and what value you can add to the college. Academic qualification, of course, is important but the admission process is not solely based on it. If you have excelled in a certain extracurricular activity, have been involved in a community service, or have some other achievements, be sure to highlight them.

3. Write an Impressive Essay

Admission essay gives you yet another opportunity to turn the application in your favor. Use it to display your true interest and passion in the program and the college. Avoid writing a standard, template-based essay for all the colleges you are applying for. Keep it clear and concise and steer clear of the fluffy stuff. Make sure you answer all the essay prompts honestly and accurately.

4. Get Great Recommendation Letters

Most of the colleges require letters of recommendation from your teachers and other reputed people who know you well. Try to garner some real good recommendations. Higher the reputation of the person the better are you chances of admission. Start requesting for recommendations early so that you get them well within the deadline.

5. Complete the Entire Application

Read the instructions carefully and fill in the entire application. Double-check to see that you don’t miss on any of the sections. Attach all the essential documents including your resume, essay, and SAT/ACT scores. Be organized and consistent throughout the application process. Be aware of the deadlines and make sure you meet them.

So, these were the broad tips for your college application. Balance them with your own instincts. After all, it’s you whose personality should be reflected in the application!

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