Bringing Home a New Puppy: 10 Tips to Prepare for Your New Pet

Oh Great! You got the new puppy… It is just like an arrival of a new member in the family. Therefore, you are preparing your home and the family as well to welcome the new guest. But do you know what its requirements are. If you want the new member to be your best friend, you need to make some changes in your home. Here are some helpful tips to prepare yourself before you bring a new dog home.

bringing a new puppy home

1. Do a welcome shopping

You need to be geared up for the arrival of the pet. First stage of this preparation includes a welcome shopping. This shopping is not going to be an expensive deal, as you need to buy just essential items such as food and water bowls, toys that are safe to chew, grooming equipments, a collar and leash and an identification tag. If you do not want to get a fancy crate pad this early, prepare the bedding using old towels. Now you can get some eatables, which are specially made for dogs. The food items can be intermixed with different homemade staples too.

2. Understand your responsibility towards the new member

Become responsible for the new member of your family and ask your other family members to be responsible as well. You can make a rule, as to what time and who will be taking the dog out for walk, who will be playing and who will take the dog to the veterinary expert. Nonetheless, some situations can be a bit irksome, as the new puppy would like to take a look outside without any constraints but instead of getting irritated at such moments, you should smile and support the dog’s needs. Always remember that pet parenting will only become a privilege, if it is done with due love and care.

3. Consistency in rules and regulations

Rules and regulations should be made prior to the arrival of the puppy and you should be very particular about strict implementation of these rules and regulations. The rules and regulations chart can include whether the puppy is allowed on bed or other furniture or will human food be fused with the dog’s eatables or not? Prior to buying a puppy, you must prepare a thorough list of behaviors that will be reward receiving, as well as, a list of punishable behaviors. You should determine that everybody would be consistent in the implementation of these rules.

4. Same words should be used for a similar command

While training the dog, every family member should use the same word for similar commands otherwise the dog will be lost with translation and be sent into a form of mental confusion. For example, while commanding the dog to lie down you can either use ‘down’ or ‘off.’ The usage of both will often confuse the pet. This can be applied with other commanding words too.

5. Make the home familiar and safe for the pet

You must pet-proof your home prior to getting a pup. You can start with tucking electronic cords out of the way, installation of safety latches in the kitchen and storage area, keeping dangerous items such as toys and chemicals out of reach from your pet and removing any chewable item. To assure its safety, you can lie down so that you can see the dog’s eye view. This will help you in figuring out any goods or material that can tempt the canine.

6. Make a separate ‘rest room’ for the new pup

The pet is not a housetrained animal yet, you must decide upon a particular place, which will be his indoor ‘potty spot’ and train your dog regarding this. It will stop him from leaving feces everywhere.

7. Go for a proper cleaning of floor earlier than buying a new pooch

You must mop your floor before getting the new pooch. The cleaning should be done with odor-neutralizing solutions. Many times, it is observed that dogs lose their territorial instinct in new home; hence, the floor cleaning is important to restore all such qualities in the pup. But make sure, the floor would not be cleaned with ammonia containing substance, as it discourages such qualities in dogs and they become more prone to peeing.

8. Make your dog an official member of your family

Are you aware of the pet licensing rules? If no then checkout your society’s rules and regulation register. You will be able to know about it. Now apply for the license and make your pooch an official pet. One more important task to perform – do not forget to tie the nametag or collar of the pup. For more information, you can check out your state’s agriculture department website.

9. Decide the date when you will be taking your pup for a vet meeting

Do a research on vets around the area and find a good one for your pet. You should bring your pup for a regular checking and this can be started after one week. It will help your pup in staying fit.

10. When you already have a dog in the house

You already have a dog in your home and you suddenly got a new one. There are more chances that both will be fighting a lot. Like human beings back during their childish days, this scenario is popularly known as sibling rivalry. Therefore, prior to taking the new pooch home, you must arrange the equipment of the new dog away from the equipments of your resident dog.

However, if you are thinking that your resident dog is very friendly then better think again because there is also a greater chance for him to incur some instant yet temporary personality changes during his first contact with the new pet.

Even if he was never possessive before, this can be an entirely new experience for him and it can make the resident dog really angry. You just need to be patient with the resident dog, as it is a very intense experience. This is just a very normal occurrence anyways.

You need to perform a lot of homework before buying a new pup. A dog is supposed to be your lifetime friend. Hence, you must give a special regard to your pet. The more you will love it the more it will show its affection back to you.

Nonetheless, a new pup may take some time to adjust in its new home; in this regard, you must be patient and try to know about its habits in order to meet the needs. Do not think of your new pet responsibilities as a chore rather pet parenting is supposed to be leisure if it is only done with love and care.

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