Aeron Chair Review: Is It Good for Your Back?

Ever since 1994, Herman Miller’s Aeron Chair is still the top selling piece of furniture in the United States. The ergonomically designed chair is available in 3 different sizes. The Aeron is made of 94% recyclable material, and the classic office design was accepted as part of the permanent collection at New York City’s Museum of Modern Art. No matter how you look at it, this is no ordinary chair.

Innovative design

“Pellicle” is Herman Miller’s name for the unique woven material for the seat and back suspension which replaced the industry standard of foam. Unlike the standard foam chair, which is still around today, Pellicle conforms to the shape of your body, and allows enough ventilation to keep you cool even after hours of sitting.

The Aeron chair is green certified

The Aeron chair is Green guard certified. You can be proud to own a product which, when you can’t use it any more, will be 94% recyclable. Old Aeron chairs will not be filling up America’s landfill!

Great back support

Herman Miller patented the “PostureFit” system for active lumbar support. He and his engineers, working with chiropractic experts, realized that they take work the human pelvis’s natural forward tilt into account in designing their chair to maintain proper spine alignment through every possible sitting position. It’s no surprise that doctors and ergonomic experts all over the world have recommended the Aeron chair for those who suffer back pain but who need to sit for long periods at their job.

Comfortable for everyone

The Aeron most definitely is not “one size sits all.” Based on your height and weight, you can select the one of three “A,” “B,” and “C” sizes that will suit you best to begin with, and then you can use the various adjustments to make it fit perfectly. Use this chart:

Productivity increased with Aeron chair

Employees – even those with a long history of back problems – report that they are more comfortable and thus more productive on the job, and employers agree. That’s partly because of the “waterfall” style design of the seat front, which promotes blood flow in the thighs, making you less tired and more alert.

Adjustable to your needs

aeron-office-chairThere’s total flexibility in terms of the armrests. You can take them off altogether, or adjust the angle and height for maximum comfort. If you prefer, you can buy the Aeron chair with the armrests totally absent.

Similarly, as proud as Aeron is of their lumbar support, you can purchase it adjustable, or have the support removed altogether when you order the chair.

The company believes that their spine support and alignment renders a headrest unnecessary because it keeps the head in a perfectly neutral position. However, you can quickly locate manufacturers of aftermarket headrests you can easily install if that’s your preference.

Office workers need the Aeron chair

No one who sits at a desk for long periods of time has to settle for the shoddy, cheap, uncomfortable office furniture that hasn’t changed much over the last 100 years. The breakthrough Aeron chair offers employees unprecedented comfort, pain control and efficiency. If you’re buying it for yourself, it’s the greatest gift you can choose. If you’re buying it for your own employees, it’s the greatest gift you can make for yourself because you and they will sit more comfortably, and you’ll increase everyone’s productivity.

The Aeron is good for your bottom, and good for your bottom line.

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