What to Take to the Reading Festival: List of Things You’ll Need

The Festival Republic is the organizer of The Reading Festival held annually during the 3 day Bank Holiday during August. The festival embodies the free human spirit today as much as it did in years gone by. In keeping with tradition, it remains an outdoor event, which is a large part of the entire musical experience. Man bonds with nature once again under the starry skies and connects with multitudes of music lovers in an outdoor setting, around campfires or breaking out in a musical frenzy with like-minded souls. The only boundary set between one’s private space and the crowds is a tent, which provides shelter in the August rain or when the human body needs its rest to re-energize for the next day.


With every passing year, the organizers make positive changes (such as better equipment for toilet facilities). However, a planned survival guide can eliminate a lot of distress during the event. The entry to the festival is guaranteed by purchasing tickets from authorized sources and a car permit allows the car’s entry as well! Tickets, therefore, become the first essentials on your what to take list. The type of tent follows, with due consideration given to its size, ease of set- up, the amount of abuse it would be subjected to, during the event or on any future trip. A hammer makes sure that the camping tent is firmly tethered to the ground.

The sleeping arrangements follow. A sleeping bag or inflatable mattresses are some ideas. While the sleeping bag may prove to be really hot during the August humid heat or the perfect choice on a cold night, the mattress offers another alternative. However, the mattress is rendered useless without its accompanying pump. Insect repellent, matches, a torch and a disposable camera are some more suggestions to survive the event. Plenty of toilet paper is a must and so are plenty of beer and cans of food to ensure that the entire cycle of consumption and excretion is not interrupted!

Can openers, stoves, some plates, plastic ware, the bare number of pots or pans, fuel for the stove, firewood for campfires are some other ideas of “what to take’. A pen knife may prove handy and a small money bag to make sure that any money is on one’s person and not in the car or the tent is an essential item.

Clothes are important because most people at the festival don’t run around naked! Personal toiletry items ensure a person is not repulsive to one’s own self, in addition to what others see or smell. Toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant are some suggestions to avoid or mask the emanation of mouth or body odor.

Once the physical and personal guide is taken care of, the other requirements for the event are social. Good friends, like-minded music lovers, a free spirit, an attitude of sharing and enjoyment to the fullest extent possible can do everything to complete the much- awaited musical experience!

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