What Do Optometrists Do on a Daily Basis?

When a person finds that they cannot see as well as they used to, it is time to visit an optometrist. Optometrists can also help those who are experiencing eye pain and other eye problems. Those who have never seen an optometrist before may be asking themselves “what exactly is an optometrist?” There is a simple answer to this question – an optometrist is an eye doctor. He or she is devoted to keeping people’s eyes healthy.

What happens during an eye exam?

During an eye exam, a patient will be whisked from a waiting room into the doctor’s office. Once seated, the optometrist will place various slides in front of the eyes. The patient will also be expected to read letters from an eye test while trying different slides. This is done to determine whether or not the patient is near-sighted or far sighted. If so, the doctor will decide how strong the customer’s eyeglasses need to be and give them a prescription.

In the case of contact lenses, the doctor will measure the eyes and recommend the right fit. They will then give patients a trial pair to use. If all goes well, the patient can order more lenses.

Other issues eye doctors will check for during an eye exam include:

  • optimetrist-at-workThe patient’s depth of vision.
  • Color perception. A small amount of patients will be color blind.
  • Focusing ability.
  • Vision co-ordinates.
  • Whether or not the patient is a good candidate for laser eye treatment. If so, they will refer them to a specialist.
  • Eye diseases.
  • The effects illnesses like diabetes and high blood pressure have had on the eyes.

Ideally, you should see an eye doctor once a year. This will allow the doctor to diagnose any problems early.

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