Types and Advantages of Vacuum Oven for Industrial and Scientific Purposes

Vacuum oven is a heat-treating oven that serves all industrial and scientific purposes. It also uses a low atmospheric pressure instead of a protective gas atmosphere. This quality helps to alleviate surface reactions. Vacuum ovens also perform major functions like quenching, sterilizing, aging, baking, brazing and soldiering, preheating, curing, drying, foundry and melting, hot pressing, heat treating, firing and sintering.

Vacuum oven features

The vacuum oven is used for scientific purposes because it has equipments, ideally suited for large scale and laboratory purposes. Following are the features of a vacuum oven:

  • It has a cooling system.
  • It has shelves, carts and racks.
  • It has timers, alarms, and recorder, logging options.
  • It also has an explosion proof construction.

Types of vacuum oven

vacuum-ovenVarious types of vacuum ovens are available in market today. Following are some of the significant types of vacuum ovens:

Multi Module Vacuum Oven System – This type of vacuum oven is ideal for product packaging applications that require vacuum bake out. It also helps in laser welding, temperature curing and inert gas seam sealing.

Squaroid Vacuum Oven system – This type of vacuum oven can control temperature up to 220 C. The built-in-high-limit thermostat guards against overheating of the products. The oven is equipped with vacuum fitting, which help in purging and venting of inert gases and hydraulic thermostat, which controls temperature. This oven is also required for heating, baking, sterilizing, brazing and other purposes in the industries.

The vacuum ovens, thus, serve multifarious facilities for the industries, laboratories and scientific purposes.

Various forms of vacuum oven

Vacuum oven comes in various forms. The configurations of vacuum oven include bench or cabinet, tube or muffle and walk-in or truck-in. The cabinet or bench ovens are suited for small batch equipments that are mounted on integral stands. The tube or muffle oven is an oven in which the heating occurs indirectly and the product to be heated is placed in a refractory container, heated from outside. The walk in or the truck in oven is suited for large size batch equipments with double doors and integral carts and shelves.

Advantages of vacuum oven

The working process of the vacuum oven is very interesting. It contains an airtight vessel where the heating process takes place. This allows the vacuum to be drawn inside the vessel. Therefore the entire heat-treating process takes place in the vacuum or under precisely controlled atmosphere. This heat-treating under vacuum is advantageous for the following reasons:

  • It prevents surface reactions like oxidation or decarburization.
  • It removes surface contaminants like oxide films and residual traces of lubricants.

It removes dissolved contaminating substances from metals by means of degassing.

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