Different Types of Teeth Whitening Methods and Procedures

There are lot many options available for teeth whitening. Different options are suitable for different people because everyone has a different type of teeth and it was not the case then there would have not been so many solutions, one would have worked for all. Consultation of the doctor is very much required to choose the best option for your teeth. There are different types of options; though all are not suitable in all the cases:

Laser bleaching

There are few laser bleaching options available and the outcome of it is even positive. It is suggest by many oral health professionals.


It is a laser whitening gel that penetrates the teeth, breaking the stain and teeth discoloration. The effect of this is immediate and has no harm in it. Though whitening may differ with from person to person because their teeth.


It is one of the most famous methods of whitening your teeth. Peroxide is being used as the whitening agent. This method is very easy to be used and can be used by anyone at their own home.

White strips

It is a very convenient way to whiten the teeth. Piece of polyethylene on one side with hydrogen peroxide is applied. Treatment takes 30-40 minutes per day for 7-14 days. It can be used at any time of the day or night and the method very less harmful to the teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry

It is the best option and s very much expensive. It can be performed by the dentists only. It is the most effective option to whiten teeth.

There are also lots of other options available but these are the best available options. One can choose any one of them but only after the proper consultation of the doctor. Have brighter teeth and keep impressing others by them.

Is teeth whitening harmful for your teeth?

Many myths relating to teeth whitening exists and according to such myths spread that the tooth whitening is harmful for your teeth. Well, if you do not consult a doctor and go for any random product or method or product then you might end up harming your teeth. But, if you have the proper consultation of the doctor and are using the products suggested by him, then there are no such harms for your teeth.

So, what’s the doctor’s advice in general?

teeth-whitening-optionsCertain things should be kept in mind before choosing the product to whiten your teeth so that they don’t harm your teeth. You should always consult the doctor at the first hand and should use only the products mentioned by him. Not all the gels are same. So even before choosing it you should assure that it will work for you or not. They are the best way to whiten your teeth. But it might not work if you choose the wrong option.

This should also be kept in mind that if you go for the whitening many a times then it might harm your teeth. They may become more sensitive and you might suffer from gum irritation. Though there are solutions available for that too but precaution is always better than cure. So, proper consultation should be taken and proper methods should be applied as to keep your teeth healthy and brighter.

It is not necessary that once after the consultation of the doctor you went through the whitening process and you will have them forever. You have to take proper care of them as to avoid discoloration. You have to take proper precaution so as to keep the teeth healthy and brighter. Nothing in this world is permanent but precautions can be taken to reduce or prevent the side effects.

Take the proper consultation and you will not harm your teeth at all.

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