Different Types of Men’s Footwear

Like women, men have different footwear styles to fit almost every outfit. While some prefer wearing sneakers and some leather, others like to wear just plain running shoes for everyday use. Though men have different preferences, there is still one thing in common that men look for in shoes and that is comfort. Style is a priority while picking a footwear but comfort is really at the top of the list. Men cannot endure the pain ladies suffer and sacrifice in wearing high heeled shoes just to look good and be adorned by everybody.

There is a long list of men’s footwear types.

One is a dress shoe. It is usually paired to something worn to the office, a formal dinner party, a meeting or going to church. This is simply used when a man just needs to dress up.

Another type of shoe is the sneakers and the running shoes. These two are what you usually see men wearing. They are probably designed to fit all spontaneous activities since they have good sole and feet support.

men-footwear-typesNext types are the flip flops and sandals which is the new trend. In the past, they were not usually worn outside the home because of the impression that flip flops are meant just for the house; anyone wearing flip flops was labeled as cheap or someone who could not afford shoes. But time has changed and today, there are several designs and styles of flip flops to pick from. The thought of cheap and poor from wearing flip flops doesn’t count anymore because a lot of this footwear is actually expensive. An example of expensive flip flop is one that is made from the rubber of airplane tires.

Last but not the least are sandals. A sandal is frequently worn when quick errands need to be done or when one needs to run to town. Leather and rubber sandals are mostly the styles to choose from.

Whatever the style and design men choose that goes with fashion; a top priority is the comfort they feel after standing and using the shoe for several hours.

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