Tag Away Skin Tag Remover: Does It Really Work?

Skin tags are mysterious, but they tend to form in moist body places like inner thighs, the crook of the arm, the armpit, on the sides and belly, and on the neck and face… wherever you find sebaceous glands. They look awful, right? And when they start getting in the way of clothes or everyday living, skin tags are a real nuisance that used to require you to go to the dermatologist and pay big money for painful surgery.

Not any more! Not since Tag Away, the amazing homeopathic home remedy that removes ordinary skin tags painlessly and without scarring.

About 10 years ago I developed a pretty large tag on the left side of my neck, and it constantly rubbed against my shirt and t-shirt collar. Minor pain, but constant! I went to a dermatologist (took a while to get an appointment), got needles for anesthetic (ouch!), and paid several hundred dollars for “minor surgery” that hurt like hell and took days to heal. It blistered before it fell off. I was glad to see it go – but very glad there was only one of them.

tag-away-skin-tag-removerFast forward 5 years. A skin tag appeared on my cheek and I would absent-mindedly play with it – you know, while reading or talking on the phone or whatnot? One day I realized that I had pulled on it so much that it literally filled with blood and came off, in my hand. But it bled like crazy! And it left a scar you can see to this day.

Over the years I started getting more and more of these darn things. I realized I wasn’t going to pony up all those bucks (and endure all those painful needles!) for dermatologist visits. And picking at them was definitely not the answer. Was I going to have to live with them? Then I heard about Tag Away.

Tag Away solved my problem

Fast forward to today. In the past month I have gotten rid of three skin tags in kind of weird places, but on my own, without pain or scarring and at the fraction of the cost of a doctor visit.

You see, skin tags (the formal name is Acrochordon) are very vulnerable to the special homeopathic ingredient in TAG AWAY known as THUJA OCCIDENTALIS or the “white cedar.” The healing powers of the white cedar’s leaves are world famous. Such problems as constipation, stomach distress, and headaches have been cured by tea made from the white cedar’s green leaves. Skin creams have been made from the leaves’ oils.

Thuja Occidentalis is the all-natural active ingredient that’s mixed into TAG AWAY with the oil of other leaves. The white cedar is what gives TAG AWAY its amazing healing power. You just put some TAG AWAY at the end of a Q-Tip or other safety swab, and apply it gently to the skin tag. After daily treatment, for anywhere from 3-8 weeks, the tag will eventually shrivel up and fall off. Leaving no scar and causing no pain. And because TAG AWAY is so safe, you can apply it even to sensitive areas like the armpit without fear!

Tag Away tips and warnings

Don’t apply any cosmetics or other concoctions to the area you’re treating with Tag Away. The ingredients might not mix well and might keep Tag Away from working.

Don’t stop using the product. Keep the applications going faithfully. I promise you, they’ll work! And also, don’t over apply in an effort to get faster results. 3-8 weeks of daily application may seem a lot, but that way you can be gentle and get the tag to disappear without leaving any trace.

Don’t suffer any more!

You don’t have to endure ugly, inconvenient skin tags any more, or pay a fortune to a dermatologist for painful treatments. Have Tag Away on hand and make every tag a thing of the past!

Where is the best place to buy Tag Away?

You can buy Tag Away and other tag removal products on Amazon on this page.

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