Selecting a Good Real Estate Attorney: Traits and Qualities You Should Look For

A real estate attorney helps in the enjoyment and protection of property rights. When an attorney has bad traits or characteristics, then such enjoyment and protection is not in good hands. Hence, you should research on the profile of an attorney or attorneys of a law firm before hiring them. Here are some traits and qualities of a good real estate attorney you should look out for.

Truthfulness and Punctuality

Truthfulness is one of the best traits. Being honest in the progression of the case is important especially when unfavorable circumstances occur before or during the pendency of the case or transaction.

real-estate-attorneyA client wants an honest and sincere report regardless of the outcome of the situation. In addition, punctuality is a good trait. Punctuality during meetings is highly appreciated. Clients highly value prompt reporting of any progression of the case or transaction. Late reporting stimulates anxiety among clients. It could mean that certain problems might have occurred or that the attorney has neglected the transaction. Punctuality is further appreciated when the attorney submits certain documents on time to appropriate agencies. Referrals and comments are the best method to acquire whether prospect attorney has these traits.

Respectful and Skillful

A good real estate attorney always respects the client’s decision. He might have sound and logical advices but the client’s decision must prevail as long as the decision is still legal. After the pronouncement of the decision, the attorney must be skillful in negotiating on behalf of the client. There are lots of transactions to negotiate including property management, financing, leasing, zoning, land use, development, and so on. The attorney must have vast knowledge on these aspects and he must have good communication skills so that he can influence the transaction favorable to the client. This skill is evaluated through the number of transactions he has successfully closed.

Wise and Experienced

A seasoned attorney became wise from the experiences he got from all the transactions and litigations. A good real estate attorney must also have enough experience to facilitate transactions on real estate ownership, maintenance, and usage. A client does not want delays and failures in the enjoyment of a real estate property. A client also does not want to lose his property merely because of hiring such inexperienced real estate attorney. Thus, records and statistics on successful transactions and litigations are important to research before hiring such lawyer.

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