10 Tips to Save Money on Wedding Invitations

To all those who do not believe in exaggerated bloating of money during marriage occasions and want to make the occasion simple and sober yet beautiful can save a good sum on wedding invitations. Though many people ignore this, savings on making wedding invitations can help you a lot.

budget friendly wedding invitations

An invitation is a hearty deal for which one does not need to blow lots of money. An invitation sent on simple paper will be as effective as a glossy paper printed invitation. It does not ask you to go for a blurry wedding invitation but you can go for elegant invitation cards, which are available for a fraction of the cost of the usual costly cards that are often commercialized for those who are about to get wed. Check out this article to know more on how you can save money on your wedding invitations.

1. Check out for more places, where you can shop for invitations

Nonetheless, specially designed party and stationary stores offer assorted varieties of wedding invitations. However, take note that it is not necessary for you to get invitations from those places only. You can shop around, as you can check the Internet, shop in Costco and take a look at some office supply stores. Though these places are a bit bizarre for your grand wedding celebrations, you may get a very lucrative deal out here.

2. Try out unusual printing options

An imprinted and beautifully crafted wedding invitation looks perfect but why try to spend too much of amount on it? If you can get a very cheap deal by some unusual printings like laser printing and thermography, go for these cheaper services. These printings are not only beautiful but are also less costly than the normal wedding invitation printings.

3. Extra motifs on invitation

Decoration of printing cards using different extra elements such as jackets, laces, bows, multiple layers of paper and other embellishing stuffs are much adored nowadays. But these small elements are supposed to be big add-ons in the price of a wedding invitation. You can avoid these extras and get a classic and chic embellishment free card. If you are opting for normal envelopes instead of those lined one, it will really be a waiver for you.

4. Go for a package deal

Check out some relevant shops, where you can get almost everything that is required for wedding invitations including response cards and envelopes, among others. It will not give you a price relinquishment but you will also be able to get the goods without any physical hassle. In here, you can also avail of some thank you cards and informal stationary at a lesser rate.

5. Use single envelope

It is an old tradition of sending invitation cards in two envelopes to maintain its limpidness. But nowadays, the mail delivery systems have become more developed than years back. Therefore, the sending of invitation cards in single invitation envelopes would not make any difference. It will be a good step to save money while sending an invitation to your well-wishers.

6. Standard size invitations

If you are thinking that a bigger invitation will be equivalent to the standard size invitation, as it is not going to weigh more than one ounce, you are fooling yourself. In accordance with the US post office website, an additional charge is applied on every ounce. The website describes in its terms and conditions that there are additional charges in some instances.

The ratio of length and breadth is very important; you keep these tidbits in mind while ordering for an invitation card. An extra sized card can mismatch the ratio and lead you for a costly expansion.

7. No reception card

Why use an extra invitation card for reception, if the reception point and wedding place is similar? In this regard, you can mention the date and time of reception in the wedding card itself. You may use this similar trick in a condition, when the reception is staged at a different place. You can ask your invitation card designer to mention the venue of the reception in the wedding card itself. A saving made by avoiding undue costs of reception cards can be very effective.

8. Opt for proofreading, instead of re-ordering

You got the final copy of your card in hand and now surprised to see errors in it. Now, you are rushing to re-order the card, as you want all the errors to be rectified. You could avoid this additional re-ordering cost by proofreading the card. Make sure that the invitation is completely proofread. It will help you to get rid of all the extra bearings that may hunt you in the end. You may also get embarrassed due to these stupid mistakes in the card.

9. Postcard RSVP

RSVP card has no more use other than acknowledging whether your guests received the invitation or not. Hence, you can use a postcard for such work. This will not only reduce the weight of postage but will also save a minimum of 0.15$ for almost every RSVP with postcard sending. This will make a good end result when the savings on every RSVP will be totaled.

10. Order extra invitations and envelopes

There is a chance that there are some guests, who haven’t received the invitation cards because of many reasons. You may have forgotten to call some of them, perhaps some guests have recently changed their address and there may even be more reasons to urge you in sending invitations to a few special guests at the last moment. To avoid such incidents from happening, you can order for some extra invitation cards when you received the first lot of cards.

Invitation cards are only one of the many important aspects that must be considered in a wedding ceremony. Nevertheless, a costly invitation can make your marriage a money bloating deal. Therefore, a classic and standard invitation is always supposed to be the best deal. Awesomely designed and motif embodied cards look just perfect but they are costly deals. You can implement the above-mentioned methods to make sure that you have a budgeted marriage and still make it an eye-catchy and memorable experience for you and your partner.

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