10 Biggest Mistakes Pet Owners Make and How to Avoid Them

You are bedazzled by magnificent pets kept on display in the pet house and you plan to buy one of them immediately. Most of the buyers do this the very moment they see a lovely pet in any pet selling store. But this is not the correct way to buy a tamed animal. Nonetheless, these cute animals are attractive enough to fall in love with at the first look but for a wiser choice, a comprehensive research should be done first. A check on these mistakes, which are commonly repeated while buying a pet, can also help you in getting a good pet.

pet owner mistakes

Know these biggest and most common mistakes pet owners often make and how you can prevent them.

1. Costly purchase

Don’t buy when the deal seems to be costly. Learn to say ‘no’ when you find the price is a bit over your budget. This is not the only time when you are going to spend money on a pet; you need to take a good care of the animal for years, therefore, if you are finding it a costly deal, it is better to say no.

2. Impulsive purchase

Avoid buying your pet spontaneously. Almost every second buyer does this. Though the pet kept in the window may look a ‘cuddly buddly,’ he might be an unfit for your lifestyle.

Prior to buying a pet, you must do a breed research, which will inform you about the needs and habits of the pet you are planning to buy. If you are interested in a particular breed, do a detailed study on it. A study on the pet’s history is equally important. In accordance with what the experts say, while dealing with breeder you must try to know where the pet was raised and where are its parents.

3. Lack of obedience training

Do not keep the pet away from obedience training. This is another common mistake, which is repeated by buyers on a very large scale. Pets may develop a number of bad animal habits.

To make a particular animal a perfect pet, you need to school it from the very first day. You should start from the simple commands of ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ and train the kitten or puppy for a minimum of 8 to 16 weeks. According to Andrea Arden, who is the author of ‘Dog-Friendly Training,’ you must take your doggie for a refresher course every year. It will help the pet in sticking with good behaviors.

4. Dispersion of dangerous goods at home

Make your home pet-proof. This is a crucial step. You must make your home pet-proof prior to buying one. You must go for a perfect wiring and keep poisonous and easily chewable things, out of reach of the pet. The list of easily chewable things include: remote controls, socks, gloves and many others. They may cause serious harm to the pet.

5. Inconsistency in implementing rules and regulations

Maintain and be firm with your set of rules and regulations. You got the perfect pet for your family but there is no constraint of rules and regulations. One member of the family lets the pet do whatever he or she wants to do while another punishes for the same behavior.

In this instance, you punish your small kitten when she comes on the bed while another member of your family lets her come there. It will make the kitten confused and make her prone to bad behaviors. Therefore, it is very important to maintain a consistent set of similar rules and regulations in your house.

6. Offering free treats to pets

Treats will lose its value if they will be offered for free. It should be used as a reward for good behavior instead of a show of extreme generosity. You should punish the pet for any rude behavior he or she commits while every good attitude should also be rewarded as much or even more. It will maintain a good behavior in your pets for a long time.

7. Ignoring pet socialization

Pets are not normally exposed to different animals and people. If you would not socialize your pet, the chances will be that the pet will develop fears and aggressive behaviors. To avoid it, you must bring your pet in front of the scene from the day you bought him onwards. Steadily, he or she will be familiarized with everything around him or her and will start having positive fun of the surroundings.

8. Neglecting physical and mental exercises

It is very important to keep your pet fit and mentally active. Hence, a skipping of mental and physical exercise can make him lazy or non-active. To make your pet the smartest, you must keep him alive with regular exercises. 30 minutes long walking twice a day is included in the list of physical exercises for pets, especially for dogs. In accordance with some experts, this is a must.

You can also play Frisbee or Fetch to keep your dog physically active. To keep him mentally active, you can give him something adventurous to do, as a hunt for food. You can ask your pet to do the popular command trick of ‘bring the ball,’ and many others.

9. Allowing pets to start bad habits by giving undue liberty

Sometimes, we become quite liberal to our pets and allow them to do anything whether they are taking food from the dining table or sleeping on the same bed with you. This makes a pet more likely to legalize such habits and he would always want to sleep and eat with you only. This is a habit, although may seem cute at start, is really negatively perceived by most pet loving populations.

10. Punishing pets physically

Pets are too innocent to understand what is wrong or right. However, proper training makes them smarter. If the pet is reflecting some naughty traits, you should command him verbally with a firm word or phrase instead of punishing him using more physical means. Physical punishment will teach him nothing apart from growing some fear, not only with himself but with the people around.

Pets are not toys; they are living beings and can become one of the best companions you can ever wish for, if they are properly trained. Hence, you must be careful while buying a pet for yourself since this is the start of a big adventure and lifestyle change for you and your family. An assurance of getting the most suitable pet is also important, as it will help you in better handling of tamed animals. Love your pet with all you got and teach them to love their new family!

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