Tarot Card DIY: How to Do a Tarot Reading for Yourself

The aces of fate are the main cause why men work hard for security for their past, present and future lives. As much as possible, men would like to stay away from bad luck and embrace the post of the veil of good aura. With this, many people seeks the power of the psychic and cosmos field in order to be warned beforehand of what life is about to offer to them; or could be able to change what has been already written.

Tarot reading is an example of a psychic tool that is being used by people with gifts to an open mind. These tarot cards are said to be guided by energy to guide men to every endeavor they need to take. The reading of these cards is more on an intuitive approach rather than standardized. If you feel like you have the gift, you can start reading these cards by following these simple steps:

Know your cards

The first thing you ought to know is to understand which card explains what and the background what they are for. This serves as your foundation to the whole activity.


Concentrate well on your inner energy before asking questions or touch any of your cards. You have to be open to the cosmic energy around you.

Shuffle the cards

tarot-card-readingThe number of times you shuffle the cards has to be in a pattern you’d like because of a preference with a meaning to be considered. Maybe, you would stick to a certain number in which you feel lucky.


This is the most crucial stage of the activity. You have to free your soul and hand before picking up the card. Just let it be – let your own energy guide you to the right one.


What comes in your mind first is always of significance. This is how you analyze tarot cards. You can consult an expert regarding this to assess your skills in card reading.

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