Health Benefits of Acai Berry: Why Is It Good for You?

Acai berry was made known to a lot of people in the world after Oprah endorsed it. Oprah believed in what Dr. Perricone and other dietary specialists saw that Acai berry is not just a simple dietary supplement, it can also help a person in a lot of ways in taking care of their health and it is just but right that people start taking products that contain Acai berry.

Acai berry has a lot of health benefits and the important among them are the following:

Improves vision

Acai berry contains anthocyanins, a rare type of antioxidant that helps improving eyesight. It is also found in bilberry, which is famous in Japan and is used to relieve strain in the eye. Other antioxidants found in acai berry also fight eye diseases such as macular degeneration and glaucoma.

Boosts metabolism

Healthy doses of amino acids are found in Acai berry. They are known to be life’s building blocks of protein and aid a person during exercise by repairing or building muscles and the more muscles that a person has, the higher the Basal Metabolic Rate is.

Eliminates toxin

acai-berry-for-healthWith the anti oxidants that Acai berry has, it helps in fighting and eliminating these free radicals and helps prevent diseases.

Helps in weight loss

Acai berry helps fights fat and boost the body’s metabolism, and as it prevents fat build-up, it may help a person lose between 8 to 25 pounds a month.

Provides nutrients to the body

Acai berry is rich in vitamins and minerals that can actually replace several foods. It contains proteins with the same amount found in egg, it also contains fatty acids similar to olive oil, and the anthocyanins it contains is 30 times more than what is found in wine; and the fact that it has a high fiber content helps replace these essential nutrients which may be lost during diet.

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