Benefits of Leasing Property for Cell Towers

It is very possible for any home owner or real estate owner to earn an extra income by simply leasing out their land to mobile phone companies. These communication companies lease land for the purposes of hoisting their cell towers which are important and crucial for communications purposes. Basically, anyone who owns their own home and has a title to it can now be approached with a great offer from all the different cellular phone companies. Such contracts between a property owner and a cell phone company are referred to as cell tower leases. When such a contract is signed, the home owner will be in a very fortunate position of receiving a regular check for the lease.

However, most land owners are unaware of the opportunities available to them and hence the need to provide this important information. Basically, residents living in major cities across the USA have the rare opportunity of getting approached for a property lease agreement with the major telephone services providers within the city or state where they own property. This process can be made much easier by consulting a lease expert such as Mr. David Espinosa.

property-for-cell-towersDavid has lots of experience connecting home owners across America with mobile telephony players. His knowledge on these programs and contracts, his vast network of connections, insider benefits and his business acumen make him an ideal consultant and just about any property or land owner thinking of getting a lease with these major communications companies should consult him. Among some of his great prowess will include the ability to negotiate great cell tower lease rates. He is also capable of getting better rates for all clients with contracts, ensuring the rates not only improve but the clients also get a reimbursement of the same rates for the past years.

In order for one to stand a chance of success, it is important to ensure that the property owner has a title to the property. It would also be much better if the property is located in a crowded area, with high traffic and possibly close to the road, street or major highway. Individuals with such credentials stand a better chance of making it to a lucrative contract. There is no greater feeling than getting paid easy money every single month for doing absolutely nothing other than leasing the property. A good contract can last a long time and may have negotiable terms.

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